Mexicali Adult Coed 6v6 Indoor Soccer Leagues

Organized by Mexicali Soccer Club

Contact info:

person Name: Briant Hamrell

email Email:

call Phone: (802) 363-0222


The Mexicali Soccer League(MSL) plays indoor soccer at the Nordic Soccer Center in Essex. The MSL offers both 5v5 & 7v7, D1 and D2 level coed. We don't allow slide tackling or tackling from behind, no offsides, open subbing and all free kicks are indirect except for PK’s.

The MSL follows all state pandemic guidelines including mandatory face mask wearing.

This is a competitive recreational soccer league but safety and fun are a priority. The MSL prefers full teams, but can place individuals on teams most of the time or add you to the league sub list.

Email Briant at for more information.