About Us

GameOnVT.com was founded in 2009 to share information about local adult sports leagues. We quickly realized we could do so much more and started our own recreational leagues to give players more options. Game On is now the largest organizer of adult team sports in Vermont.

Building on our years of experience, we expanded to include youth leagues, social events, private events, and corporate outings. With every program, we strive to provide a fun, safe, and open playing environment for everyone to play the sport they love, stay active and meet new people.

Our Staff

Louis Hodgetts

Photo of Louis Hodgetts, GameOnVt\'s director

Louis is a Burlington, VT native. He played baseball and hockey until a car accident put him on the DL. After losing a couple key development years, Louis regained his passion for sports and found a love of logistics. He discovered this passion when he took on the role of hockey team manager for Burlington High School — a position he continued during college. After graduating from UVM with a degree in engineering, he quickly realized the difficulty in meeting new people and finding activities outside of a school environment. GameOnVT.com was a natural progression, building on his love of sports and logistics.

Outside of managing the day-to-day operations of Game On, Louis is a senior project manager at DuBois and King with a focus on site and land development. Louis is the president of Vermont Senior Babe Ruth and the Vermont Floor Hockey Club. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Sports and Social Industry Association — a North American trade association.

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Louis Hodgetts
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