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The purpose of Game On, LLC is to expand on existing recreational activities in the area and promote additional activities within Chittenden County, Vermont, or beyond. Local team sports and recreation programs are a great way to stay active, meet new people, and have fun. Unfortunately under the current system, potential players often have to know what they’re looking for and where to find it or know someone who does. Hopefully by focusing the search we can take all of the frustration out of finding and joining local sports leagues and pick-up games.

Our Goals

The goal of Game On, LLC is to link the various leagues and organizations operating independently around the area together under one centralized umbrella organization. Partnership or affiliation will allow the various leagues to promote their programs to a much larger and diverse user base of active people. This website, and the site currently under construction, will host information for any affiliated organization, allow online registration, provide an interactive personal calendar for sports schedules and important dates, and be a hub for league crossover and interaction. Centralizing the list of activities allows all the affiliated programs to share in the marketing and reach a much larger base of interested people.

Game On, LLC is also in a position to assist any organization in its day to day operations. Often these tasks are handled by volunteers with higher priorities such as their own jobs and families or thinly stretched staff. A few of the services Game On, LLC can offer include: league/team/player registration; facility scheduling; regular season and tournament scheduling; coordinating or scheduling officials, field crews, and staffers; and distribution of league information. If the situation arises, Game On, LLC may also consider ownership in existing leagues or development of new leagues to meet the interests of the people in the community. Hopefully, the coordinated expansion of activities will also contribute to improvements or expansions to the recreation facilities in the area. For more information on the opportunities available or to join our mailing list, please email lhodgetts@gameonvt.com.

Thank you,

Louis Hodgetts
Game On, LLC
P: (802) 578-6081

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