Chittenden County Men's Softball League

This is a Men's Softball League played at Landry Park in Winooski and Bayside Park in Colchester. There is room for up to 14 teams with games from May to August followed by playoffs. Anyone wishing to join this league as a team or individual should contact Chuck Rollins. Click the link below for more information.

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Financial League

The Burlington Financial League is a CoEd softball group mostly comprised of players who work for the same company. Games are played M-F at Farrell Park and Jaycee Park in South Burlington.
Corporate teams are allowed 7 males and 3 females on the field, you are allowed 1 male ringer ( non employee of the company ) 2 female ringers ( both of which do not need to work for the company ).
Games start at 6pm and last 90 minutes (usually less)
We start Late May and go to the end of August (weekend year-end tourney runs both Sat and Sun of the last weekend in August)

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Greater Burlington Co-Ed Softball League

Greater Burlington, VT Area: Co-Ed Slow-Pitch. ASA Rules. Games are played at Bayside Park in Colchester or Landry Park in Winooski.
Play softball in a fun, friendly & sportsman-like manner!
ASA Co-Ed Slow-Pitch Softball for Adults 18+
18 Game Schedule May - August + Playoffs.
3 girls required. 4th allows for 10 in field & an extra DH.
7-Inning Games (max) in 75 minutes or less.
Pitch Arc - 6' (min) to 12' (max) above ground.
Low COR Hi-Vis (yellow) Ball.
Self-Umped - Ball hitting Plate &/or Strike Mat are strikes. Regular 4 Balls/3 Strikes (2 fouls after 2 strikes are out).
Line 65 ft back into grass. OF's must start behind.

Also, as per usual, all returning team are re-committed for this season, and as such, we will not be admitting any new teams into the league again this year.
Individual players looking for a team to play with, take heart as some teams have the need for new players each season. Check out our FACEBOOK page for more information. Thanks, and we look forward to playing ball soon!

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Greater Burlington Women's Softball League

We are a group of Women 16 years or older who enjoy playing the sport of Softball. Anyone looking to form a team or join an existing team should contact Terri at We hope to see you there. Be sure to check out Burlington Women's Softball League on Facebook.

SPORTSMANSHIP- "the ability to take a loss without complaint or a victory without gloating, and to treat opponents with fairness, generosity, and courtesy." - Webster's Dictionary

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Green Mountain Softball League

The Green Mountain Softball League is a moderately competitive Co-Ed softball league that plays on Sundays at Bayside Park Colchester and Landry Park in Winooski. The season runs from May through July with playoffs in August. Games continue as the weather permits through October. We are currently accepting individuals, especially women, to be placed on teams. For more information send us an email or find us on FACEBOOK.

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Twilight League

We are a men's wooden bat softball league for anyone 18+. Games are played at Leddy Park in Burlington, Jaycee Park in South Burlington and Landry Field in Winooski. We occasionally have openings for both individuals and teams. Contact Mike for more information.

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